École Dansereau Meadows School



Going Home For Lunch

All students in Grades 1-9 who are going home for lunch must have parent permission to leave the school.  Students must check out/in with their homeroom teacher each day they are going home. 

If your child goes home only on certain days, it is helpful if you write that in their agenda on the specific days.  No students will be permitted off grounds unless they are going to their own house for lunch and have parent permission to do so. Students in Grades 1-8 are not permitted to walk into town to purchase a lunch. Grade 9 students are permitted to walk into town to purchase a lunch provided they have parent permission.

Students must be back at school 5 min prior to classes starting for attendance. Check with the teacher as to when your child’s class begins.

By completing this form , parents also understand that the students will not be under school supervision while their child is walking home.

Going Home for Lunch Permission Form 2023-2024

Parent Volunteers

We are thrilled to have parent volunteers back in our school.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you wish to volunteer.


All parents who wish to volunteer in our school or participate in school field trips, must fill out this form.  All completed forms should be returned to the office.  (Parents who are volunteering on any overnight field trips must have a Vulnerable Sector check and Child Welfare Check done and submit to the school prior to the trip.)

Volunteer Registration Form



Medical Alert or Food Allergy Form

If your child has a medical alert condition or requires medical procedures at school, you must complete a Parent/Guardian Medical Procedure Request Waiver and/or other necessary documentation.





Field Trips & Extracurricular Activities

All field trip permission forms are accessible online only.  Please log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal to fill out a form.

1. Forms must be completed by 3pm the day prior to the trip.

2. You will receive an email receipt if you have completed the form correctly.

3. You will need to click on each child’s tab and complete a separate form for each of your children.