École Dansereau Meadows School


Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Protocols

Emergency Response Parent Summary – Please open this Parent Summary for more information on our protocols.

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All parents/guests in our school must follow our emergency protocols.  Cell phone use is prohibited if an emergency protocol is activated.

If you arrive at the school in the midst of an emergency, please respect the protocol in progress. While we understand personal circumstances or initial reactions might move you to do something contrary to the school’s established procedures, we cannot compromise the safety of students or staff to accommodate individual requests that could put anyone at risk.

Please DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL and DO NOT CALL YOUR CHILD’S CELL PHONE. Parents are asked not to call the school or their child’s cell phone during an emergency. Phone systems need to remain available for handling the actual emergency. Overloading the system may mean the school cannot communicate with first responders.  Calling your child’s cell phone during an emergency may be putting them at higher risk by disclosing their location or drawing attention to them during a lock-down.



Inclement Weather

It is important for students to dress appropriately for the weather and always remember to pack their toque, mitts, and warm footwear during the winter, regardless if they are riding the bus or walking.

School bus operators are responsible for the safety of your child and take poor weather and road conditions very seriously. When weather conditions place the safety of transporting bus students at risk, Black Gold School Division may choose to suspend transportation services. The Associate Superintendent, Business Services and/or the Transportation Manager consult with Public Works – Leduc County; Bus driver area representatives; and the neighboring school systems prior to 6:00 a.m. before making this decision.

Schools are always open unless there is a specific school-related emergency like a water main break.

Information regarding transportation delays, cancellations, or in the rare event, a school closure, will be posted as soon as the decision is made. Bus cancellations will be for the full day.

Parents make the final decision.

During inclement weather, the final decision to send a child to the bus stop or to school rests with parents, even though buses and schools may be operational. Parents are responsible for checking the status of transportation delays or cancellations. Should you drive your child to school when bus service is cancelled, it is your responsibility to pick the child up from school at dismissal time. Parents are to notify the school if their child will not be attending school due to inclement weather.