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  • January 23, 2023

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    January 23, 2023

    Welcome to Principal’s Corner. We believe that all students are capable of being a leader – even our youngest students. Students can be leaders at school and at home. Think about how you can encourage your student to be a leader at home. See some tips below on how to discuss this with your family.

    – Susanne Stroud, Principal

    Leadership Roles at Home

    Each new school year brings opportunities for academic growth and growth in all areas of development. Although students must be knowledgeable when they graduate, they must also be healthy, engaged, responsible, and caring people. One of the best ways to help your student realize their worth and leadership potential is to provide an opportunity to lead. Most Leader in Me Schools offer student leadership roles as a way to teach:
    • Responsibility
    • Leadership
    • Contribution
    Leadership roles can also be used at home. To begin:

    1. Talk with your student about the leadership role he or she might be interested in at home.
    2. Discuss why they are interested in the role. Ask what leadership qualities your student has that will help. Ask how he or she will handle homework or other commitments with this new role responsibility.
    3. With your student, discuss leadership behaviors and expectations of the role. Be creative when naming the leadership role. Some examples of at-home leadership roles include:
      • Gardener: watering and maintaining indoor/outdoor plants
      • Technology lead: ensuring all devices are charged and in order
      • Floor Leader: ensuring the floors are clean and free of clutter
      • Assistant Chef: providing support in the kitchen as needed
      Give your student a week or so to adjust and then discuss how it’s going. This may open a conversation about how to handle things that are too easy or too difficult. Express appreciation and celebrate success!

    Family Homework

    Pictures of the Week

    Grade 9 students learned about static electricity in Science. (We certainly have lots of that during our cold, dry winters.)

    Grade 6 students learned about the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies.

    Students had fun dressing up for Beach Day!


    École Dansereau Meadows Meadow School is arranging ski/snowboard trips to the Rabbit Hill Snow Resort. This activity is being offered as an after-school activity. Lessons are available for all students however, all beginner students must take lessons.  The children will leave the school at approximately 3:30 pm and will return at approximately 8:00 pm. In the event of inclement weather (-20 including wind-chill or bus cancellation) the activity for that day will be cancelled.  Students can bring their own equipment to school in the morning and it will be transported by the transport volunteer.

    Semester 1 Progress Reports

    Hot Lunch

    Click on the image above to go to the edms hot lunch website. If you are financially unable to purchase a hot lunch for your child, you can order and select that you would like to access the donated funds. Thanks to our families who have donated funds to support other families in need.

    You can order treats through the Hot Lunch program above.

    Upcoming Events

    Health Information

    Parent Association Events

    Click on the image above to sign up for our bottle drive. If our school makes $2000 from the bottle drive, we will put the names of all the student participants in a draw. We will pick one winner and they get to throw a pie in the face of a staff member of their choice.

    Community Events

    Click on the image above to register.

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